Good news: in bath are burn as many calories as walking

2d74af0984668e295271e39c3c109bf4 - Good news: in bath are burn as many calories as walking

Longborough Researcher claim that thirty minutes of soaking in a hot bath (40 degrees) can be equally beneficial for your health as a walk of half an hour.

Scientists at the British University of Longborough have a research done among 14 men. That reports the Daily Mail. The lord first had an hour long cycling and then they were allowed an hour to relax in a warm bath of 40 degrees celsius.

Of course, it was clear from the study that, when cycling the most calories are burned, but bath turned out to be over 130 to burn calories. That is equivalent to the combustion during a walk of about thirty minutes. The high combustion took place due to the increased body temperature.

Sugar levels

The study also found that the blood sugar levels as much as 10 percent lower during the taking of a warm bath, compared to cycling.

In addition to passive warming’ against inflammation. In Finland, the so-called ’passive warming’ is more often used as a medical treatment. There, people go for a while in a kokendhete sauna sit.

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