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F1 launches first global marketing campaign ever

9eef8017c6d07d957866b7121d540a70 - F1 launches first global marketing campaign ever

Formula 1 has this week its first global marketing campaign ever launched …

Highly unusual, so you can the marketing campaign of the Formula 1. The campaign was this week launched and towed by a video exactly one minute in length and this under the slogan: ‘Engineered Insanity’.

It is a new initiative for the Formula 1 new fans to attract the sport to make it more attractive. Some of the so-called ‘superfans’ are in a wind tunnel and show us exciting footage from the Formula 1.

“There is definitely an appreciation for the fact that the Formula 1 sport and the racing series itself promotes,” said Ellie Norman, the new head of the marketing department of the F1, as opposed to ‘Reuters’. “The teams and drivers work very hard but there is still no such thing as the Formula 1 which has its own racing series promotes.”


This is for the speed demons, the petrol heads, the die-hard fans who make F1, F1 . #F1isBack #EngineeredInsanity #Unleash2018 #F1 #Formula1

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