Evil Seuntjes: “I hope that Ajax champion’

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Ralf Seuntjes was annoyed when a plug of the according to him unnecessary defeat of VVV-Venlo on a visit to PSV: 3-0.

Ralf Seuntjes

“It was with us. PSV had, according to me, not much in this”, said the cranky attacker against FOX Sports. After a second yellow card for Seuntjes had VVV itself little more in the milk to degrade in Eindhoven.

Seuntjes made a violation on Jorrit Hendrix, and could leave. “Do you think that a yellow card? I find it totally not a yellow card. With that penalty (3-0 PSV, red.) gave Nils Röseler more of a push than I did in this situation. Make trips to received a push in the first half and got no penalty. At us in exactly the same situation is called a penalty. That you can next to each other. So, there are still four or five times”, said the evil Bredanaar.

Ralf Seuntjes gets the red card.

About arbitrator Serdar Gözübüyük was Seuntjes not to speak. “You may say what you think. These are just facts. I don’t know where he was working, but it seems that he has a slight preference.”

The defeat of VVV came in hard at Seuntjes. “I hope that Ajax champion. I would like to have points of PSV snatched it away.” Or the title is coming for Ajax is highly debatable. The Locals have Sunday to win the gap to leader PSV to bring back to seven points.



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