European sanctions against Iran prepared

2a03da7f61c5c6941748f4fd42408efe - European sanctions against Iran prepared

BRUSSELS – The United Kingdom, France and Germany have a new European sanctions against Iran is being prepared. The measures are a response to the role of Tehran in the conflict in Syria and on testing ballistic missiles, according to a confidential document that Reuters news agency has referred to and that to all EU member states is sent.

The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani gives a speech in parliament in Tehran.

With the new measures, hope that the three European countries and the United States to meet, so that the country adheres to the international agreement on curbing Iran’s nuclear program. Monday meetings of the European ministers of Foreign Affairs about the new sanctions, which are directed against specific Iranian individuals and entities.

The Iran agreement, in which Tehran promised the nuclear program to build in exchange for the withdrawal of economic sanctions, in 2015, concluded after years of negotiations. The American president Donald Trump wants that nuclear deal will be adjusted.

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