Doubts in Blind Married

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That the voltage rises at the couples and nervousness, the head rises, it appears in the eighth episode of Blind Married on Monday, march 19. Now they are already more than a week living together, thinking of some of the participants more and more to the point when they must decide whether they stay in the marriage or not.

Dear there is not out yet, they are still missing some of the chemistry. “But when is good, good enough? That is in every relationship about the question. When is it good enough or when you think “no, I still need something better search”? And it is effective even better as you continue to search?”, ask Aljosja himself aloud. He must for a few days to go abroad for a wedding, so it is exciting waiting to see if the other will miss.

Also Mike and Kathy will each other a week not to see. First leaves Marjoram on the weekend for her work, and just before she gets home, Mike is also to Sweden. Aside his will to them, perhaps, virtue. Or just not?

Wendy realizes that she the first week of living together too much pondered and not working hard enough, has enjoyed. It is high time the about another bow to throw, will find them. When Damiano has a surprise for her, not at all.

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