Conductor requires millions of Opera New York

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NEW YORK – Former conductor James Levine of The Metropolitan Opera in New York with his former employer, a claim for damages of 5.8 million dollar (4.7 million euro) submitted. He says that the accusations against him of sexual abuse of minor boys is not correct.

According to James Levine of the accusations him his job and his reputation cost.

Levine was earlier this week discharged. The allegations have, according to Levine him his job and reputation cost. The conductor (74) went in the 2016 retirement as a conductor, but was still active as artistic director of a program for young musicians.

He still had a contract with the opera to 2026 to him that every year 400.000 dollar (325.000 euro) and per occur once the 27,000 (22,000 euros) dollar would produce.

In december it was announced that the world famous operadirigent for many years, a minor boy might have been abused. Later, more allegations of sexual harassment between 1960 and 1980. Levine was forty years associated with the Metropolitan Opera, where he 2500 performances conducted.

A jurist in the service of the opera house responded in the newspaper The New York Times that the claim of Levine , full of inaccuracies.”

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