’Collaboration, Kanye West and Drake in the making’

2ccdcf04452fd6e44c30efa7b9d3e95e - ’Collaboration, Kanye West and Drake in the making’

It seems that Kanye West is going to collaborate with Drake. A few days is buzzing with the rumors about a possible collaboration, but TMZ thinks it now to be sure. According to the American entertainmentsite is more than just the recording of one track for the new album of Kanye.

Drake (l.) and Kanye West

The two rappers are in the ski resort of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, usa. Both of them stay in the luxurious Amangani resort and have a great crew of people. Also has both Drake as Kanye a lot of recording equipment is taken to a recording studio to create.

What is the partnership exactly, let TMZ in the middle. Know the report that also names like Travis Scott, NAS, and Kid Cudi are reported in the ski resort.

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