Cocu: ‘This generation is less independent to each other’

b2e0eab9f19d81874b4717b4b33516ca - Cocu: 'This generation is less independent to each other'

PSV coach Phillip Cocu took his players after the historic defeat at Willem II in Tilburg, the free Sunday, showed them to some of the images look, and she gave then the word. Without the staff, only the players themselves.

Phillip Cocu

“For some people it is different if the coaches there. They have among themselves talked, and then we are back to us”, said Cocu, who, to his satisfaction, the necessary feedback was given.

“There needs to be an environment where there is something you can and should say. Where nothing is judged and where she feels safe and delusions. That is getting better, but I notice that something in the current generation really need to grow during a season. In the past, was there anything said to each other. And at lunch, it was already forgotten. This generation is less independent to each other. I try to take them off and what to send.”

The Locals, with seven points ahead of Ajax is still leading the pack in the Eredivisie, taking the Saturday night at 19.45 in your own home against VVV-Venlo.

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