Charlize Theron speaks shame of wapenidee

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Charlize Theron doesn’t understand people who have the idea to suggest to teachers in the United States to arm. That told the actress Saturday during a forum on education in Dubai, reports Fox News.

Charlize Theron

“It is outrageous. I just don’t understand that people on this topic talk, with the idea of coming to understand extra weapons to convert,” says Theron. The arming of teachers to solve the problem, the South African actress.

Since the shooting at a school in Florida, where seventeen people were killed, is the safety of students is a national issue in America. It was one of the deadliest shootings ever on an American school.

At the forum in Dubai, told Theron about her own experience with gun violence. At the age of fifteen she lost her father. In a drunk mood he fell Therons mother, who in self-defense and her husband doodschoot. It was an experience where they long time did not wish to speak. In 2015, she told for the first time, in an interview on the French tv channel TF1. “I told people that he was killed in a car accident. No one wants to tell the story that his or her father is shot.”

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