Boss after new vleesschandaal: nothing to worry about

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IZEGEM – First there were the horrific images of animal cruelty, then the ’mafia’-allegations about Veviba: scandal after scandal stains the reputation of slachthuisgroep Verbist from the West Flanders Izegem. But manager Louis Verbist claims against the Flemish het Nieuwsblad that the organization is actually nothing wrong.

Archive photo for illustration.

The group Verbist, where also ’maffiabedrijf’ Veviba is a part, has four slaughterhouses and 19 runderfokkerijen. It’s not going well with the group: Verbist rolls of scandal in scandal. At the end of last year there was animal cruelty in the slaughterhouse, Izegem, and last week burst the storm completely los when it turned out that the company is meat that is unfit for human consumption yet sold, 12 years old, meat was delivered to customers in Kosovo, and simply meat sold as biovlees.

Coordinator Louis Verbist: “The allegations that have been made to our address will continue to pile up. Unjustified. There is no question of scandals. How can we cheat with the labels, and rotting meat? A slaughterhouse is constantly monitored. And we are not really cheaters. On the contrary. After all these years, are we still by a lot of people respected.”

“I don’t know why they have our name, but continue to be perceived. Why they keep coming out with that ’thick spittle’. Whoever invents it all? Perhaps, we may become too great and there are some people jealous? We go together with our lawyers to figure out. Preliminary indict I also no one of lies.”

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