Boat sunk at Samos, killing 15

f68d401da73976c79ce5fe8dadb39990 - Boat sunk at Samos, killing 15

Athens – UPDATE 14.48 – at least fifteen refugees, including five children, to the life in the Aegean Sea when the boat in which they were capsized. The accident happened on the Greek island of Agathonisi, not far from the Turkish coast.

Archive view of the Greek coast guard.

The identity and nationality of the victims is not yet known. There are still four passengers missing. Three crew knew the coast living to achieve. The Greek coast guard thinks that there is a total of 22 people on the boat were from Turkey to Europe were trying to cross. With helicopters and rescue vessels are still looking for possible survivors searched.

The past few years, died, for hundreds of refugees in often rickety boats for the dangerous crossing, trying to make. In 2016, spoke to the European Union and Turkey that the latter is stricter would check on illegal crossing. The number of boat people then took on a strong note.

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