Also McCabe did Trump memos with

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WASHINGTON – The former second man of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, has, according to an insider detailed notes about his conversations with president Donald Trump. Also his former boss, the fired FBI director James Comey, kept such memos.

Andrew McCabe

Minister Jeff Sessions (Justice) dismissed McCabe Friday. From examination of the internal watchdog department would have revealed that the FBI official information had leaked to the media and researchers had been tricked. McCabe denied that he was in the error is gone. He accused the government of a “war against the FBI.”

McCabe did after his resignation, in an interview with CNN already had a book open on his conversations with Trump. The president would still have started on the wife of McCabe, a Democrate that a futile attempt had done a Senaatszetel to conquer in Virginia. Trump would make her a “loser.”

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