Again gemep between left and right on the German book fair

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LEIPZIG – fight Again left and right on the German book fair with each other. In Leipzig, where nearly three thousand publishers and hundreds of thousands of books in the Messe halls sell, it came today again to gemep and screaming, pushing, and pulling. Half a year ago it came on the world’s largest book fair, the Frankfurt book fair, also all of riots between radical right-wing intellectuals, their followers, and hundreds of extremely left-wing activists.

The book fair in Leipzig began quietly.

Who cried out loudly: “There is no right of meningsvrijheid for nazis!” But the leadership of the book fair was laid out that everyone the books should sell who he wants, if it is not expressly forbidden.

Central location of the protests was the state of the right-wing publisher and ex-soldier Götz Kubitschek, who, with his Antaios publishing house for many radical figures a forum. As the blogger Fjordman, who is the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik have delusions derived. Or people who believe that the Berlin politicians with a master plan to the German people against migrants from the exchange. Or because volksophitsing convicted mafkezen as Akif Pirincci that racist nonsense preaching.

Since the vluchtelingencrisis in 2015, there is germany, there is a real cultural struggle, a Kulturkampf. Last week was in East-German Dresden, to a verbal duel between Uwe Tellkamp’s award-winning, bestselling author of ’The Tower’ and poet Dürs Grünbein. The former author showed in the with seven hundred visitors packed Kulturpalast of the Elbe-city concept for the islamcritici and vreemdelingenhaters of Pegida. Then went to his publishing company Suhrkamp on a distance from its author.

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