Wilfred Genee must be on the blisters after slip of the tongue

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Anyone who last Monday between 20.30 and 22.00 a Football Inside underwear has ordered, get a ball. That has presenter Wilfred Genee Friday night in the RTL-program let us know.

René van der Jibe, Wilfred Genee and Johan Derksen (v.l.n.r.)

There was confusion about the action. It was actually intended that only the first two hundred people who briefs ordered a ball would get. Genee thought he was that Monday, the show clearly had said. “But that turns out not to be so”, he remarked.

To the people yet to meet, has the presenter arranged that everyone that Monday evening between 20.30 and 22.00 briefs has bought, still a ball. Whom the costs are for the account of take is not yet clear. On the question of Johan Derksen or Genee it requires you to pay, answer the RTL-presenter: “Yes, well… we’re going to talk about this.”

During the ad breaks had to Genee on the blisters sit and he helped with the packing of the balls. The presenter said that there are already 5000 boxer shorts are sold. Wilfred, along with Derksen and Rene van der Jibe a private onderbroekenlijn started.

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