When a submarine through the ice breaks

Two American and one British submarine through the ice in the Beaufort sea in the Arctic broken. It is a biennial military exercise in extreme cold to train.

‘From a military, geographical and military perspective, the Arctic Ocean is unique, ” says admiral James Pitts. ‘It remains one of the most challenging oceans in the world.’

The Us navy has released footage of the crew at the time that the submarine through the ice breaks. Who has them in an animation placed in order to get a better understanding of the timing.

This year, take the SS Connecticut, the USS Hartford and the British submarine HMS Trenchant in the exercise, which is five weeks in duration, part.

“This is a great opportunity to put our skills to the test,” says the British captain David Burrell. “Together with the U.s. submarines work is great for us. It is like a battle in a jungle of ice.’

Saw the practice there in 2016:

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