Van Hanegem healed of prostate cancer

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Willem van Hanegem is Friday healed of prostate cancer. The 74-year-old voetbalicoon underwent the afgelpen months with success 35 radiation treatments.

“The doctor told me that the values in my blood with two points dropped, from 6.9 to 4,9. That is actually almost never for”, Van Hanegem to the AD.

“Advance was said that we had to count on a slight increase, since it usually takes a while before the treatment starts to work. But the doctor was very pleased. I don’t even back. ‘I’ll see you again, ” he said.”

The illness of Van Hanegem was at an annual medical audit are established. ‘The Curve’ to deal with abnormal blood values that may could indicate prostate cancer. After further investigation it turned out that also the case.

Van Hanegem was the same from the medici to hear that he was there on time and that the chances of recovery are almost a hundred percent was.

Van Hanegem is happy and relieved that everything is now behind us and that he is again in the future, can focus.

“Yes, that is pretty crazy. Everything is good. Now what? I let the moment sink in. Stay calm do. It seems to me unwise, if I now suddenly very hard on a bicycle steeds. But it is a comforting thought that there is a good chance that next year I 75 word.”


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