Van Hanegem cure of prostate cancer

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Willem van Hanegem has made the fight against prostate cancer won. The former football player received Friday morning from the doctors to hear that 35 radiation treatments have had a positive impact.

Willem van Hanegem

Van Hanegem (74) announced in January that he was sick, but that the chance of cure in size. More than two months later prove those words to be correct. The former player of Feyenoord and Oranje do not even need to visit more to bring to the doctoring.

“The doctor told me that the values in my blood with two points dropped, from 6.9 to 4,9. That is actually almost never,” says The Curve on the AD. “What now? I let the moment sink in. Stay calm do. It seems to me unwise, if I now suddenly very hard on a bicycle steeds. But it is a comforting thought that there is a good chance that next year I 75 word.”

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