Turkey promises to citizens Afrin safe retreat

843fdc8c8a820f62b317f217e49e5fa5 - Turkey promises to citizens Afrin safe retreat

ISTANBUL – The Turkish armed forces to ensure citizens who want to get away from the besieged Syrian town of Afrin, a safe retreat. They have Friday to say that pamphlets strewn over the stronghold of the Kurdish militia YPG.

It says that everyone that Afrin wants to leave protection of the Turkish army, that ,,is righteous, and to trust”.

In the pamphlets, the population is called,to stay away from trenches and hiding places of terrorists. Do not allow them to you and your children to abuse as a human shield.”

The military operations of the Turks in Afrin is only directed at the terrorist organisation YPG” and has purpose,peace, tranquility and security” to bring together the residents , the helping hand” on the pamphlets.

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