’Trump will again top advisor to replace’

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WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump has decided his national security adviser Herbert McMaster to dismiss. The White House has not yet decided on whom he should replace, message The Washington Post on the basis of multiple sources.

It would be the second time that a national security adviser to the current president must go. McMaster was the replacement of Mike Flynn, who shortly after his arrival had to leave. He was accused vice-president Mike Pence to have misled about his contacts with the Russian ambassador in the United States.

Now would be also in the days of the McMaster are counted. Trump would have complained that his national security advisor to rigid. Also would be briefings take too long and not relevant enough. There had been circulating longer rumors about the impending departure of McMaster, but according to sources is now a clear decision has been made.

Multiple candidates

There are several candidates in the picture to the topmilitair to follow. The names of former UN ambassador John Bolton and Keith Kellogg, the chief of staff of the National Security council. The president would enjoy his company. Trump, however, would also be impressed by the television appearances of Bolton.

In the White House going to vote on to McMaster not to be quickly set aside. He would first have a higher military rank, or a good function to get. That would be the signal that people can be part of the Trump-government without serious damage to their reputation.

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