Tim Hofman: You will it but have never bores

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Tim Hofman feels privileged that he will be a new season of Your will but was allowed to make. The program in which young people with a disease, condition, or restriction tell about their lives, never gets old. That told the presenter Friday in The World Runs By.

“The sixteenth season is a beautiful season. I must say that as a producer, it is my fourth year, bored, never,” said Tim. “You have, for example, two people with MS and let them both in a different way the sun shine.”

The listing period, which is typically about three to four months, according to Tim, always a good “mirror.” “The conversations are so in perspective. You will be with your nose on the facts that the sun can shine, if you think that there is no more. I’ve learned life is different. That does not disappear, and that is why it is so great to create this program.”

You will only have since 2001 has been on television. Earlier presenters were Patrick Lodiers, Ruben Nicolai and Valerio Zeno. Starting next Tuesday is the program to see again.

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