Throughout Siberia in search of gold: “Until the dawn appears’

15de014748707040fcaabe1eca852d55 - Throughout Siberia in search of gold: "Until the dawn appears’

Jakoetsk – Russia is in the grip of gold fever. Inhabitants of Siberia walk feverishly through the snow, peering at the ground, while compatriots from all over the world to Jakoetsk try to come. All flights are now booked. The big question: how many kilos of gold, silver, platinum and diamond is still there?

Supposedly it goes to large amounts of. A plane lost yesterday a load of approximately nine tonnes. A part is recovered, but the official readings vary. According to the mining company that transported everything found. The police says that 3.5 tonnes is justified. That would mean that the majority still had to look for.

“We know the truth, not everything is top secret”, replied an employee of the airport, as a Russian newspaper, the same calculation has been made. In the meantime, all possible details about the flight in question – for example, whether there are indeed diamonds were on board, and of which company the aircraft was. All possible vliegbedrijven deny.

Most Russians have not waited for the official counts. On a video from the Siberian Times is to see how local residents flocking to the search. “They have us, of course, lied to,” says Nikolay against the newspaper. “Not everything is found. They just want to avoid the gold disappears. I have lived here for years and there was never such a turmoil.”

The platinum – and gold bars would be in an area of about 26 kilometers. The majority fell at the airport Jakoetsk. There are some ’reliable’ workers looking later through a metal detector. Also agents are flocking on the spot. Or they can also be controlled, is not clear. “I think every agent in Jakoetsk there is,” says a source to the newspaper. Another: “There is never so many police when a child is missing.”

According to Nikolay, everyone is now on the search. He chooses a different strategy, because it is strictly prohibited to search in the most affected area. “I’m going to tonight, if the watchmen sleep,” he says. “I will dig, dig and dig. Until the dawn appears.”

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