This is one of the worst verkiezingsslogans of the Netherlands

6abada9626de6a07c7c5cc4caa264674 - This is one of the worst verkiezingsslogans of the Netherlands

The Dutch draw this month to vote for a new council to choose. And there to hear the terrible slogans, which condoomverpakkingen to be printed, in the hope of voters to attract.

The website annually selects the worst advertising slogans, but is currently totally in the character of the elections. The nominees are embarrassed not for silly wordplay (“Thank you to me omcake’, on a poster with a slice of cake), bad rhymes (‘Relax, choose toine and pay less Tax!’) or sexual innuendos (‘Feel the liberal in you’ on a pack of condoms).

  • Thank you to me omcake (CU Zwolle)
  • So PRETTY! as a strawberry! (Free Beverwijk)
  • Relax, choose Toine and pay less Tax! (Toine Aarts, Forum 040)
  • Go with the D66 in (the)bath! (D66 Den Helder eo)
  • Feel the liberal in you – Come to you on march 21? (VVD Woerden/JOVD)
  • Because you have good local parks and landscaping more important than theatre performances (SGP Zaltbommel)
  • Less tax. More bitterballen! (VVD Delft)
  • A nice drive (VVD Nijmegen, the netherlands)
  • Not kwatsen but do (Tilburg)
  • For Each other and Tomorrow (CDA Veere)

The worst slogan choose until 19 march. Or the slogans, to be effective, is clearly on the evening of march 21: for that day the Dutch people their vote.

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