The assistant director requires miljoenenvergoeding of ‘James Bond’producers after accident on set

3f3ba45ab725660b9e2f165f7c7ce7ba - The assistant director requires miljoenenvergoeding of 'James Bond'producers after accident on set

Assistant director Terry Madden has for the British Supreme court, filed a lawsuit against the film studios behind the’James Bond’. He demands a compensation of 2.5 million pounds (2,83 million) for an accident on the set of ‘Spectre’, in which both legs shattered were.

The accident happened during the filming of the most recent 007 film, which in 2015 was released. The crew was at work in Austria, where images had to be recorded for an action sequence with the plane in an alpine valley.

For that scene to take was a camera on the roof of a Range Rover is mounted. When that car to the slipping went, came to a heavy collision in which Madden was hit. Both his legs were crushed under the weight of the heavy off-road vehicle. He was flown to an Austrian hospital and then repatriated to the United Kingdom.

According to his lawyer, meant the accident the end of Maddens successful film career. If the Supreme court like him, risking film producers Eon Productions and B24 a compensation of 2.5 million British Pounds to pay.

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