Temptation temptress: “I’ve never had oral sex’

b420399d87e6b7832d21bd5921ce5c69 - Temptation temptress: "I've never had oral sex’

That the participants in Temptation Island are not dirty, flirting, kissing and having sex, is no surprise. It can almost not be otherwise than that the deceivers and verleidsters on the island experts in the field of what is between the sheets playing. However, seductress Cherish a surprising disclosure: “I have never had oral sex done!”


On the bank with Goedele Liekens discusses the 26-year-old blonde from Hellevoetsluis her sex life. When the therapist begin with the subject of ’orgasms’ cut, shows that there is to Cherish a world open. “I’ve recently done a trial,” says Gudula. “More than a third of the men there was really convinced that penetration is the best way to give women a orgasm to give.”

And while the temptress, listen carefully to the story of the Flemish seksexpert, ask Goedele her if she knows what for women the best way is to get an orgasm. “Do us, but…” In an attempt to give the correct answer, says Cherish: “In any case, not a vibrator.”

“No, of course not,” says Gudula. “Oral sex!” Completely surprised by was the sex therapist tells her, Cherish only one thing to say: “No!” The also surprised Goedele then asks, “No oral sex for you?”, which Cherish replied: “I have never done! Never. I once had that someone with me and did one in the kinky, one in the stinky.”

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