‘Tax adviser Frank B. entangled in a lawsuit with dj Headhunterz’

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Financial advisor Frank B., that Dutch artists on paper would have to move to tax havens, is embroiled in a lawsuit with the Dutch dj Headhunterz.

That reports The Parool.

Also the renowned law firms where B. worked, is a significant claim for damages above the head.

The tax authorities did Tuesday in a raid at the consultancy firm of Frank B. (58), because research would have shown that B. wealthy Dutch artists has helped in the setting up of illegal tax structures.

Customers of B. emigrated on paper from the Netherlands, then their assets and income in tax-sunny climes, were to be found. In reality, there are schijnconstructies intended to tax evasion, think the law enforcement agencies.

Linda de Mol

The tax advisor had especially dj’s such as Afrojack and Tiësto as a customer. Also Linda de Mol and Patricia Mine did for years business with B.

The Mole had earlier Quote to know that the consultant has more than 25 years, her financial matters and is a member of the Board of trustees of her foundation. Mine told this week in The Telegraph that due to B.’s hands two tonnes of fault.

In a response to the accusations to his address showed the tax in a press release: “baffled” about the allegations.


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