Summaries Eredivisie to continue until mid-2022 at NOS

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The NOS broadcasts in the coming years, the summaries of the Eredivisie. The public service broadcaster, is under contract about it with the Eredivisie Media & Marketing (EMM) is extended until the season 2021/2022.

The old union between the NIS and the EMM ran in the summer of next year.

The NOS is the summaries on both the television and online in the same way as that in the last few years, and that was the case. Also in terms of live coverage on the radio Along the Line, nothing will change.

Editor-in-chief Maarten Nooter of NOS Sport is extremely pleased with the renewed agreement.

“This is really topnieuws. The Premier league is the main competition for soccer in this country. Not always the best football, have the best stories and the most experience”, he claims.

“The Premier league is week in week out the call of the day. We follow that on which the typical DUTCH way, and that we still of years can continue to do so, is very good news.”


Acting general manager Geert Hofman of the NOS aligns itself fully with the words of Nooter.

“The NIS does for more than fifty years report of the Premier league. To the great satisfaction of our twelfth man: the viewers of Studio Sport and the listeners Along the Line,” he says.

“We can continue to do so, is a token of appreciation for the way in which we make the League accessible to a broad public. For us and for the public broadcaster as a whole. The plate on my lap.”

The NOS does not want to disclose what amount of the deal is involved. A spokesman let us know that the part of the sales process is that confidential bljft.

Pay-tv channels FOX Sports currently has the rights for the live broadcast of the matches in the Eredivisie in the hands.

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