South Korea is preparing for top

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SEOUL – South Korea wants to work on the planning of a summit between president Moon Jae-in and the dictator Kim Jong-un. Seoul wants top officials from the neighbouring countries later this month to sit down to the talks between the leaders to prepare for, message, news agency Yonhap.

Kim Jong-Un

The meeting between Moon and Kim should be at the end of april to take place in the boarder village of Panmunjeom. The South Korean government assigns the minister Cho Myoung-gyon (Reunification) to the delegation to lead the preparations it should take for the meeting, said the chief of staff of Moon.

The North Korean leader has for the coming months, probably in a summit meeting on the agenda. The American president Donald Trump showed himself to be more willing personally with Kim in conversation. That meeting has yet to be scheduled.

The North Korean minister Ri Yong-ho arrived this week in Sweden, that the interests of the USA in Pyongyang is responsible. America has no ties with North Korea. There is speculation that the visit of Ri a basis for the historical meeting between Trump and Kim.

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