Runaway Tesla cast havoc in the Netherlands

f29669b4339dcc2c65a7db9973c804d6 - Runaway Tesla cast havoc in the Netherlands

A runaway Tesla has Thursday afternoon a causes havoc in Wormerveer, the Netherlands. A research has yet to reveal what the cause is.

The electric car struck this afternoon at the burrow near the schoolyard of an elementary school, reports the website NH News. According to the police wanted the woman behind the wheel a turn to describe, but gave her car suddenly more gas. Research has yet to reveal what it is wrong.

In the accident with the electric car was another car, a cyclist and a scooterrijder involved. A person was injured and had to go with an ambulance to be disposed of.

Tesla has now reacted to the incident. The company lets us know to be in contact with the local authorities about the accident. “We give our full co-operation to determine what happened. The car in question was not equipped with the optional Autopilot system.’

It is not the first incident with a runaway Tesla. In 2016, came in the U.s. state of Florida, a Tesla driver killed in an accident. That car crashed, however, while the autopilot was enabled.

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