Romanian court declares living man death

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VASULUI – A Romanian court has a still-living man officially will be dead. The man from Vasului claimed that he is still alive, but there he kicked the judge is not in.

According to a spokesperson of the court, lost the 63-year-old Constantin Reliu this case, because he’s too late in the appeal was gone. This decision is final, reports The Guardian.

According to Romanian media went Reliu in 1992 to Turkey for work and he lost, since then the contact with his family in Romania. Since his wife all that time ever heard him, knew they doodsverklaring in 2016 for him to obtain.

Not dead

All well and good, but he had not died. Turkish authorities urged him this year and his papers to be in Turkey to stay had expired. Once back in Romania, turned out to Reliu death to be declared.

“I am officially dead, although I really am alive. I have no income and because I die, am declared, I can do nothing,” he said in court.

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