Roddeloverzicht: Eva about pregnancy and Barbie and Rolf again (not) together

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Eva home cooked apple pie is pregnant and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk have to ask, Patricia Mine and Linda de Mol may be victims of fraudulent tax adviser and Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong are back together, or not? An overview of the entertainment business last week.

Clothes, bottles, a crib, a stroller, bibs, cuddly toys and a mobile: Eve home cooked apple pie over the coming months will not only be busy with her career, but adds also preparing to have a baby. The hostess gets together with her friend Dexter a baby and shared that happy news this week with the whole of the Netherlands.

That same evening, she sat on Matthijs van Nieuwkerk at the table, and 1.5 million people wanted nothing more than that the presenter just as Eve would ask how it was that upcoming baby: Eva knows already, or it’s a girl or a boy? When comes the baby? She should maybe move?

It was one of the most uncomfortable interviews on Dutch television. Matthijs didn’t want to, but had of the programme leadership, and so he began, after a congratulation, choppy to the conversation. “Now the question is.. how far am.. yes I.. can give me the all care.” Eva: “I feel discomfort.”

Because yes, This can be an excellent interview, but such personal questions are something quite different. More than three minutes, extremely uncomfortable talking about the pregnancy and actually we know simply nothing. Even the question of whether it is a boy or a girl, had with difficulty over the lips of the presenter.

“I don’t know yet and if I would know, I don’t think I would tell. Look, this is, of course, something I can no longer hide, and so I tell it of course. But further details I would like people not taxing,” said Eva.

One thing is for sure: at the start of the new season home cooked apple pie , she is just there. “In any case, I am just on 4 June. Anyway, again.” And no, by the begetting of the child, she has not thought about schedules, Matthijs. “This is the best conversation ever. Where you ask exactly, when it happened?”

When the baby exactly is we do not know, whether it is a boy or a girl, we don’t know, but Eva is happy and that’s the whole point. And this fragment, we can always look back if we want to laugh.


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