Reports show preparations The Passion

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The EO and the KRO-NCRV make a documentary series about the creation of the musical event The Passion in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. The three-part report On the way to The Passion is starting on Monday, February 26, immediately after the late NOS Journaal broadcast on NPO 1.

The camera follows in the first episode, the cast at the musical rehearsals, and is in the choir repetitions in the Bijlmer. The artists will be followed during the vooropnames and the viewers will see director David Grifhorst at work. Also the unveiling of the cast is filmed.

The Passion on maundy Thursday 29 march at 20.30 hour broadcast. The cast includes this year from Tommie Christiaan (Jesus), Glennis Grace (Mary), Jeangu Macrooy (Judas), He/Gertjan Mulder (Peter) and Arjan Ederveen (Pilate). Bert van Leeuwen gives an account of the procession and Noraly Beyer plays the role of narrator.

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