Renze Klamer debuts with own tv-program

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Renze Klamer soon for the first time with its own program on television to see. The 28-year-old talent, that almost daily is heard in Along the Line and its Surroundings, present prior to The Passion, a three-part series about the formation of the biblical event.

Renze Klamer

“I’m a few seasons of sidekick in the discussion Arena, and I have to Tijs van den Brink ever should be replaced,” he says. “But with a own program on NPO 1, that is the major league.” Klamer is with his reports show after talk show Pauw and the late News. “On the radio, you have the nachtprogrammering as a testing ground for young talent. I think this time slot is the television equivalent.”

The EO asked the producer if they feel television is going to make. “I love the intimate family atmosphere of the radio,” admits he. “And anyway, my career in the media a bit of a surprise because I have an economic study done. But an opportunity like this I grab with both hands. And The Passion has a special place in my heart; I am in all kinds of positions with all previous editions have been involved.”

The musical performance about the suffering of Jesus is this year on maundy Thursday to run in the Bijlmer. “I think it’s great how the region, just as in Leeuwarden, the netherlands, active in the project is concerned,” says Klamer. “The enthusiasm during the auditions in the area for the background vocals was amazing. The Bijlmer has many outsiders a less positive image. I sincerely hope that The Passion a little bit contributes to the tilt of that false image.”

On the way to The Passion, from 26 to 28 march to see on NPO1 and on the themakanaal NPO 1 Extra. The Passion itself, follows a day later.

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