Putin is starting to wake in proud Russia

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MOSCOW – The only presidential candidate in Russia who has not campaigned for the elections on Sunday, Vladimir Putin, wins to have the vote. He is already eighteen years in power and need not fear that to lose. If the current law is, the next six years, his last term of office.

Nearly 110 million Russians, in eleven time zones live, may cast their vote on the eight candidates, only seven won’t stand a chance. Credible opposition leaders will have no chance, such as Aleksey Navalni that a conviction not to participate, and a boycott called. A former ’beroepsblondine’, Ksenia Sobtsjak, now as a young advocate of democracy, but its claim that putin’s time is over, looks like nothing to are based. Her time is in any case not yet come. Putin would also her godfather.

President Putin has a high rise need to be believable in a time when the income from oil and gas are increasingly disappointing. After the previous presidential election six years ago, broke into the country a storm of protest against the elections that Putin won. He got rid of that political damage is restored as the proud protector the proud Russia. That Russia, unlike the West, crises like the Crimea or in Syria, a man of the boss. In a recent speech came Putin glowing on Russia by the West is offended, and he threatened in resentment, with new nuclear missiles.

Putin is therefore still popular. He came as an unknown technocraat in 2000 to the power. His star rose quickly, along with that of oil prices. Putin piloted by the collapse of the Soviet Union, chaotic and deprived Russia into calmer waters. He could oliegeld a period of recovery and prosperity usher in. Putin was grateful to be associated with consumables, is finally on the shelves layers and a stable ruble could be bought.

But that ’Putin-time’, however, is over. Nationalism and the conflicts with the scary foreign’ disguise for an increasing number of Russians not that the economic boom is over. The incomes per household decline for more than four years in a row and 20 million Russians live on an income of 100 euro per month. Lower oil prices affect the country, because Putin has never invested in other sectors to fall back on. This, combined with western sanctions that investors are scared, it shows a proud, but also sad Russia. Putin has promised the next six years in a new, dynamic Russia the quality of life to improve. Better late than never, a lot of voters think.

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