Prices “Hugo’s” of VRT renamed “LangZullenWeLezen trophies”

5e4a2874db361ddfa09236cb4fcc7419 - Prices "Hugo's" of VRT renamed "LangZullenWeLezen trophies"

The “Hugo’s”, the new prices of the VRT, will go through life as the “LangZullenWeLezen-trophies”. That makes the VRT announced today. “LangZullenWeLezen” is also the name of the new community in which the public broadcaster on april 30 launches, which they bring people together who love to share books.

The name change comes after consultation with the organizers of the American Hugo Awards, which will be presented annually to the best science fiction or fantasywerken. They had the name “Hugo Awards” claimed, and in order to avoid confusion, the VRT decided to edit the name, said spokesman Hans Van Goethem. The original name of the trophies referred to the writer Hugo Claus.

The LangZullenWeLezen trophies are no literary prizes, but broad-based awards for Dutch books in ten categories, according to VRT. They are awarded on the eve of the book Fair and selected by the public from a long list, which is compiled by a jury of boekenexperts. The new community after the summer for five weeks to vote for the trophies. The trophies no cash prize attached, but “eternal fame and an appropriate work of art”, let VRT already know.

The public broadcaster has launched a brand new online platform, That is a forum where readers find inspiration and their own reading experiences and favorite books to share, along with ten known leesambassadeurs: Kamal Kharmach (One), Sofie Lemaire (Canvas), Leonard Muylle (Ketnet), Friedl’ Lesage (Radio 1), Cathérine Vandoorne (Radio 2), Sieglinde Michiel (Klara), Tom De Cock (MNM), Stijn Van de Voorde (Studio Brussel), Annelies Van Herck (VRT NWS) and Michel Wuyts (Sporza). LangZullenWeLezen is an initiative of VRT in cooperation with Humo, Metro, and Fintro.

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