Nerve gas was luggage daughter Skripal

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LONDON – The daughter of former spy Sergei Skripal has the means by which she and her father have been poisoned, possibly unsuspectingly brought from Moscow. The intelligence agencies think that the drug in the luggage of the woman is stopped, say sources at the British newspaper The Telegraph.


The former double agent and his daughter Yulia were this month found unconscious on a bench in the British Salisbury. The authorities concluded that the victims were poisoned with nerve gas, but it is still unclear how the remedy is administered.

Anonymous sources told the newspaper, convinced that the drug in the luggage of his daughter Yulia was. Research should show that the means was applied in cosmetics, clothing or a gift. That can then be opened in the house of Sergei Skripal.

One source suggested that it is possible that it is broken into the home of his daughter Yulia in the Russian capital to the nerve gas in her luggage. The Russian authorities deny being involved in the attack.

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