Neil Young: “Afscheidstournees? All bullsh*t!’

bc9b59691c15608150e139029c3773d5 - Neil Young: "Afscheidstournees? All bullsh*t!’

Neil Young, the not so afscheidstournees. That leaves the rock star clearly marks, in an interview with the magazine Rolling Stone. It is all “bullshit”, he says about artists that have such tours.

Neil Young

Young responded on the tours of Elton John, Soft Cell, Paul Simon and Ozzy Osbourne. All these acts go one time around the world to say goodbye to their fans. According to the rocker, he would never do.

“I play when I want to do it,” says the artist, who was part of bands like Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. “I’m not going to go in advance call I will be there with withdrawal. Notice that the people will come. If I stop, I am dead.”

Young know not when it will occur. “I have a weird voice in my body and I listen to it,” he says. Currently I feel not good enough to act.”

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