Madonna understands that my story is no fairy tale’

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Michaela DePrince is ’unbelievably honored’ that Madonna story of her life is going to film them. That allows the dancer of the National Ballet Friday in a brief response to the message earlier this week via the American media came out.


“When I saw her for the first time met, she gave me so much strength and inspiration,” says DePrince. “She has the courage to really ensure that my story can convey. I want people to know that it is not a fairy tale and she is one of those people who really understand.” DePrince will be available during the development of the film involved in the project continue.

DePrince was born in Sierra Leone and at the age of four was adopted by American parents. She wrote with her mother, a biography about her early years in war-torn African nation, her later childhood in which they are on a balletcarrière founded and about the skin disease Vitiligo which she suffers from.

Michaela DePrince

The book Taking Flight: From War Orphan To Star Ballerina came out in 2014. Michaela dances since 2013 for The National Ballet in Amsterdam. Madonna stated earlier this week that the story of the dancer ” a unique opportunity to address the situation in Sierra Leona to discuss and Michaela the voices of all the orphans, where she grew up’.

It is the third time that Madonna is a film director, after Filth And Wisdom (2008) and W. E. from 2011.

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