Linda De Mol reacts to scandal

80fcf99ef67e3a27b2ae9f48eba6adb6 - Linda De Mol reacts to scandal

Linda de Mol has in a brief written statement reacting to the scandal that its financial officer, Frank B., has taken. Earlier this week, the Dutch court announced that they raided had done it when a tax expert who for many dj’s, models and tv personalities, the books did. ‘Frank B. does since more than 25 years of my financial affairs, and without any foreign structure’, writes the presenter. ‘From that relationship, he is honorary member of the Board of trustees of my foundation. If it turns out that he is aware of large errors, there is of course no longer are. But I am really in shock how you in the media to be judged before anything even for ‘n right come. Someone I believe is innocent until his guilt is proved!’, decision Linda.

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