‘La Mafia’ no European brand

2cae568c78dd3449c4193509a25cc235 - ‘La Mafia’ no European brand

La Mafia se sienta a la mesa, or ” the mafia goes to the table’. Under that name you will find in Spain more than forty restaurants, in more than thirty different cities. The Italian themed restaurants, which refer to The Godfather.

In 2006, the chain its name to register as a trademark with the European Office for Intellectual Property. But in 2015, drew the Office the recognition, at the request of the Italian government. Who found the name and the logo (La Mafia in large letters, with a red rose) were in conflict with the public order and good morals. The Agency followed that line of reasoning.

The chain signed an appeal before the Court of the EU in Luxembourg. But even there, she started bot. The brand refers to a criminal organization, whose activities the values of the EU violate, was the judgment. And the logo seems to be the crimes of the mafia to condone.

The chain may be under the same name continue to operate, but without European trademark protection for a name and logo.

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