Kluivert will not be nervous: “Only when I must sing”

b97ea92de323d87c93898705d36a76ad - Kluivert will not be nervous: "Only when I must sing"

Justin Kluivert saw Friday afternoon a dream come true. Barely fourteen months after its debut in Ajax 1 is the attacker in the final selection of the Dutch national team.

Justin Kluivert dribbles on Vitessenaar Fankaty Dabo.

“I heard it from the trainer and am very happy,” beamed the left after the training of Ajax. “Before we started training, I knew of course that the selection this time around would be made, so I did a bit of tension in training,” said Kluivert.

“I’m still not nervous, that is probably only when I actually go play. Then I sing a song,” said the 18-year-old attacker. “But in advance, the nerves not quite there yet. I know, of course, also quite a number of guys.”

Kluivert was on the field worn by Hakim Ziyech. “An international hear not to run, but the field must be worn”, said the Moroccan midfielder about his chosen team mate.

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