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Klingon for beginners

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Nuqjatlh? Learn Klingon, the language of the wild krijgersvolk from Star Trek, in Duolingo.

The popular taalapp Duolingo (200 million users!) there has been a new course for: Klingon. Now, you can step-by-step, through simple sentences, learn to converse with the proud warriors of the …

The popular taalapp Duolingo (200 million users!) there has been a new course for: Klingon. Now, you can step-by-step, through simple sentences, learn to converse with the proud warriors from the planet Qo noS (pronounced Kronos), as we know them from the Star Trekmovies and series. Here are five things you need to know about the Klingons and their language.

1. The Klingons have no word for ‘hello’

The typical course starts with ‘hello’ and ‘how do you make it?’. But Klingons are not praatjesmakers, they come to the heart of the matter. The greeting is nuqneH (or full nug DaneH) actually means: ‘What do you want?’. That sentence is already covered in the very first (yet not quite functional) lesson in the Klingon-course

of Duolingo. Furthermore, different course not so hard, the Duolingo-learn Spanish or English.

In the voorbeeldzinnetjes we meet Torg and Mara. What immediately stands out: the word order in Klingon is unusual. First comes the direct object, then the verb, then the subject. For the linguists among you: therefore it is an OVS language. On earth, there are only a handful of languages that have this word order, such as the obscure Huarijio from north-west Mexico.

2. Klingon was invented by linguist Marc Okrand

In the first Star trekfilm from 1979 was the actor James Doohan (Scotty) who is a rough first version of the Klingon invented. But from 1984, the linguist Marc Okrand put to work. The elfentaal It that JRR Tolkien created for his books, was the model. A fictional language, or conlang (for ‘constructed language’) invent is now a separate discipline in linguistics. Other films and series are Star trek followed: Game of thrones , for example, has two well-developed conlangs: the Other and the Valyrian.

3. The Klingons are already a couple of times changed its appearance

Very important if you would want to dress up as a Klingon (and why would you differently learn Klingon?): what Klingon would you be? One from the original Star trekseries from the sixties (The original series, or ‘TOS’ in the jargon)? In that case, you are the fastest ready: with a few picking wool and some wax gets you there. And do a sleeveless glitterblouse on your sweatsuit.

The original Klingons were white B-actors who, with a minimum budget had to be transformed into a kind of Huns or Mongols: dark skin, bushy eyebrows, and weird, thin sikjes. In the Star Trek movies and later series like Star trek: the next generation, Klingons have a very pronounced forehead, a large beard (especially the men), and thick, black hair. Gradually grow the make-up budgets and see the Klingons less and less human.

In the latest series, Star trek: discovery (now on Netflix) they make a controversial transformation. Their foreheads are now truly mind-blowing, and the barbs his way – just like all other hair, eyebrows included. What many Klingonfans a heartfelt ‘Hab SoSll’ Quch’ elicits a particularly nasty curse, which means: ‘Your mother has a smooth forehead.’

4. Where can I go with Klingon?

A trip in a Klingon-bird of prey (warship) to the planet Qo noS is perhaps not an option. But Klingon-speakers, you will also find on earth. Of the dictionary in Klingon are even more than 300,000 copies sold. However, said Marc Okrand, a few years ago that according to him only about one hundred people are that really smooth out the feet in Klingon. On a Star trekconference, you walk them, may have against the body. One of those fluent Klingon-speakers is, in fact, the Swede Felix Malmenbeck, that as a volunteer the new Duolingo course in each other turned.

5. Be careful with machine translation

In the translation engine, Bing, you can English convert to Klingon, and vice versa. But Duolingo warns that the quality of the translations was very poor. Pay attention thus. A misunderstanding with a Klingon warrior can be very bad end. He will send you directly to Sto’Vo’Kor, the legacy.

Another tip: a typical versiertruc of female Klingons is the male warrior once firmly bite. Qapla! (success!)

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