Jennifer Lopez refuses to be rushed in got married to steps

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Although her love for Alex Rodriguez is not under chairs or sofas cross, Jennifer Lopez no plans to in the short term, with the ex-baseball player to marry. That she tells in an interview with American Harper’s Bazaar.

On Valentine’s day were the two or shopping at jewelers spotted, but getting married… no, for the moment.

“I believe in marriage,” says J. Lo. “And I am looking forward to being old with someone with whom I have a fixed relationship. But I now want nothing to force.”

Jennifer and Alex were in February of 2017 something with each other. According to the singer works in their relationship, because their lives have many similarities. “We understand each other’s lives in a way that most people would not be able to. We are both in the spotlight ended when we were twenty, and surpassed right expectations. And that has impact on the dynamics in your life, from your family to your work and your relationship.”

The singer already has three marriages behind him. Her last husband Marc Anthony, and they went after seven years apart, took the marriage on paper is still three years longer. With him, she got two children, the now 10-year-old twins Max and Emme. For that time, she was married for two years with Chris Judd and nearly a year with Ojani Noa. After these two relatively short marriages she is engaged with Ben Affleck. Alex married earlier, from his marriage he has two daughters of 13 and 9.

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