‘Islam does not belong in Germany’, says minister of Home Affairs

9815c6df6685fff794484f9a08aece8b - ‘Islam does not belong in Germany’, says minister of Home Affairs

The German Interior minister Horst Seehofer will find that Islam has no place in Germany. “But the muslims who live here belong of course to Germany,” he says in a controversial interview with the Bild newspaper.

The conservative Seehofer collides with the views of the former president Christian Wulff and prime minister Angela Merkel, who both like him to be the CDU/CSU. It was Wulff in 2010 with the sentence ‘Islam belongs to Germany’ at the beginning, with the support of Merkel.

Seehofer says in the interview that his country ” by Christianity formed. There can be no question that Germany ‘from the wrong reasons, a waiver of own traditions and customs’. He refers to customs which have their origin in Christianity, such as the Sunday rest and Church holidays such as Easter, Pentecost and Christmas.

According to Seehofer, it is necessary to the muslim organisations in Germany at one table ‘and the dialogue’. Muslims ‘living together with us, not next to or below us’, and that can only be ” by talking to each other’.

A spokesman for prime minister Merkel indicates that they do not agree with the statement of Seehofer. ‘Germany has, of course, christian and jewish roots. But also the islam meanwhile belongs at home in Germany.’

His statements came as the minister already on strong criticism from the opposition. ‘A minister of Home Affairs that the country wants to distribute is not in place, ” says the green leader Jürgen Trittin in a comment on the German radio. He accuses Seehofer an imaginary problem to tackle, and immediately also to pave the way for the extreme right-wing AfD.

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