10 Questions

I look at a movie, or image, I realized that only in?

3f0f66858e352fbf9f8361fdf17506ae - I look at a movie, or image, I realized that only in?

An American science-fiction film, a Scandinavian thriller or a British kostuumdrama. On the tv again tonight, something for everyone.


Canvas 21.15-23h40

Christopher Nolan shows his most virtuosic side with these sciencefictionthriller. Dream and reality walk in such a way by each other, that you’re on the run it doesn’t know, or you go to a movie to watch, or you just imagine it.


Canvas 23.40-0.40 hours

Second season of this strange Swedish thrillerreeks peppered with crazy supernatural elements. If talking forests and people with boomwortelvingers and reptielenstaartjes your thing, then go to a time on time sleep.


One 22.35-23.35 hours

Third season of this British kostuumdramareeks with something for everyone: Aidan Turner for the female viewers and Heida Reed (Stella Blomqvist) for the rest.

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