’Headhunterz to the Tax authorities and courts after suspected advice’

9588c9b45e627cf8ab4f77a53c906ae4 - ’Headhunterz to the Tax authorities and courts after suspected advice’

Financial advisor Frank B., who was Dutch muzieksterren on paper would have to move to tax havens, is embroiled in a lawsuit with the Dutch dj Headhunterz. It reports the Parool. Also the renowned law firms where B. worked, is a significant claim for damages above the head.

The advice that Willem Rebergen, better known as dj Headhunterz, was a tax adviser, Frank B. was to from 2012 from the Netherlands to move, and its income in a company on Cyprus to stable. Another construction was provided through the channel islands.

Rebergens stepfather and business leader Michiel van Kleef tells het Parool that this is a standaardadvies of B. turned out to be. “He pressed us time and time again on the heart that this is a perfectly legal construction. However, it was of interest that there is as little possible connections with the Netherlands were. So no sportschoolabonnement or a mobile phone in the Netherlands.”


Because the dj and his stepfather, the advice is still suspected and there in the practice of disruption, they report it to the Tax authority, what the dj a substantial additional levy sugar. Also, he started a lawsuit against the tax advisor and the two law firms in which B. was working at the time of his advice. This case comes up in June for the court in Amsterdam.

Headhunterz nor B. was Friday for comments to reach.

The tax authorities did Tuesday in a raid at the consultancy firm of Frank B. (58), because research would have shown that B. wealthy Dutch artists has helped in the setting up of illegal tax structures. It goes especially to djs such as Afrojack and Tiësto. Also Linda de Mol did for years business with B.

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