Greek court blocks extradition of eight Turkish soldiers

b63b4ec22976acc97843c549409f8349 - Greek court blocks extradition of eight Turkish soldiers

ATHENS – A Greek court of appeal has a Turkish request to eight military personnel to deliver rejected. Ankara suspects them of involvement in the failed coup, theft of military equipment, and desertion. It was the third time that Turkey asked for the extradition of the military.

Two of the eight Turkish soldiers in Athens.

The case has the relationship between NATO allies Greece and Turkey are put under pressure. The soldiers were in July 2016 with a helicopter to Greece fled. That happened after it had become clear that the rebel military would fail the Turkish government.

The Turkish authorities want the refugee soldiers to trial, but caught before the bone in the right. The Greek court ruled on Friday that the charges to be vague. Also feared the judges, that the military is not a fair process would get in their home country. There can still be appealed against the verdict.

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