Ghent Peeping released but re-tightened

f783852e4471ea82a9f3b3cc7209eac8 - Ghent Peeping released but re-tightened

Gent – UPDATE 14:20 PM, Mike D. B., the 41-year-old IT specialist from Ghent who was detained because he women filmed in the shower, under terms released. and then again held.

In the first instance decided by the judge that he freely allowed, and no contact with his victims. Also if he’s not on the internet, reports The Newspaper.

The Gentenaar says that he regrets and is disgusted of himself, ” says his lawyer Sofie Vermeir.

The offficier of justice immediately went in appeal against the release, and won that case. This is D. B again.

The police had several complaints about the voyeuristic images of women that were created in the changing rooms of the sports complex of the university college Ghent.

Mike D. B. was early this week arrested during a search. He was interrogated by the police and explained to confessions. He acknowledged that he made movies and that he is the user of the account on the voyeuristic forum.

Thursday we did the police a call to women who think they may be the victim. There is asked to select a picture to send, so that people using them can see if they are on the images.

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