Four deaths due to collapse of bridge Miami

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Miami – UPDATE 6.30 pm – By the collapse of an under construction footbridge over a busy road in Miami are at least four persons to life come. That has commissioner Dave Downey of the local fire department Thursday evening published. At least ten of the wounded are transferred to hospitals. The fire department continues to search for more victims.

Cars are stuck under the collapsed bridge.

According to the first reports are at least eight cars and an unknown number of people buried is hit by the debris. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida said on local tv that you may have ten fatalities were.

According to American media, there are cars with passengers buried under the rubble of the 950 tonnes of heavy structure. The emergency services are massively present. The authorities have to ABC 10 News reported that at least six people were injured.

It comes to a brand new bridge over a wide road within the built-up area in the south of the city that Saturday was opened. The bridge connects the campus of Florida international university with an area of the dormitories. There were no people on the bridge when it partially collapsed because the bridge is not yet in use was taken.

A witness, who for a red traffic light and had to wait, told me that a girl unharmed from a vehicle could be drawn, of which the back was crushed.


How many victims there are exactly cases, is still unclear. A agent said in a short statement: “Currently we can not even say how many cars are jammed. We know for a long time as to how many victims exactly, but it is very. Very much.”

The fire department is now trying to prevent the bridge further collapses, while they continue to search for victims.

’Successful job’

On Twitter a tweet around that three days ago would be installed by the company that safety tests performed on the bridge. In the message wrote to the company called BDI that they are proud to be the placing of the bridge to have followed and complimented the builders with a job well done, either: a successful job. Now is the message, according to twitter users are deleted, but when there were already screenshots.

What exactly led to the bridge collapsed, is still unknown.

The police asked television helicopters to the rampplek to leave so that rescuers, if any, hulpgeroep of trapped victims could hear. There are now trucks arrived and the debris of the bridge.

This message is supplemented with the latest updates.

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