Five additional witnesses in the trial of Bill Cosby

7b146998582207dc4da2e165c59a969a - Five additional witnesses in the trial of Bill Cosby

In the new lawsuit against Bill Cosby must, the prosecutor, and five other witnesses to call. In an earlier treatment of the case of Andrea Constant in June last year was only one other alleged victim her story.

The prosecutor asked the court last week for permission to be more accusers to call. He wants to prove that Cosby systematically women drogeerde to have sex with them. According to Deadline, the court there Thursday agree. He argued his decision not.

Cosby (80) is used by dozens of women accused of sexual abuse. Most cases are now time-barred, but in the case of basketball coach Andrea Constant, it was not too late for prosecution.

In June ran the business piece when the jury couldn’t even be a decision. The judge ruled that the case had to prevent. At the end of the month there is a new jury will be composed in the new lawsuit, which is expected on 2 april.

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