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“Ferrari should have its right of veto in the F1 losses”

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FIA president Jean Todt believes that Ferrari its veto power in the Formula 1 would have to lose, this as part of the many changes that in the long term will take place. Remarkable fact: Todt worked many years for the F1 team of Ferrari.

Ferrari has long had the right to make new rules in Formula 1, the Italian team can use it if it is not satisfied with a new rule that is proposed. The Scuderia made the last time to use its veto power in 2015, when the line stopped that a maximum cost on engines and gearboxes would introduce.

It has been known that the veto power of Ferrari in the discussion would come to be. Liberty Media, the new owner of the F1, will by 2021 be a completely new image of Formula 1.

Also Jean Todt believes that Ferrari its right of veto would have to lose.

“The veto came at the time of Enzo Ferrari, as he and his team was isolated in Maranello,” explains the president of the FIA. “Ferrari was the only team that has an engine and chassis made in front of other teams, all of which were dependent on Ford. When it was decided that Ferrari protected had to be. But personally I think now that the veto is no longer needed. The times have changed.”

Todt can also tell you that the veto power has since been adjusted. Now the Ferrari only has a new rule banning if it can prove that it is contrary to the interests of the team.

Although he is against the veto power of the Ferrari, think Todt, however, that Ferrari has the right to make the most income, by the attraction of the Italian brand.

“For me it is logical that Leonardo DiCaprio more money that an actor in a series. Yes, I think that’s normal. The better you are, the more money you earn. That’s why I think that Ferrari more money may be received. In the past, they made more money with bad results, but now that’s no longer the case. It is so logical.”

Furthermore, Todt also had his opinion expressed about the possible departure of Ferrari from Formula 1. Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne had, after all, different times means that they are the Formula 1 want to leave if the new F1 regulations too bright, is contrary to the commercial interests of Ferrari.

“They can leave”, says Todt, who prior to his appointment as FIA president himself for years for the Ferrari F1 team worked. The little Frenchman was at the base of the following years of Michael Schumacher at Ferrari.

“And frankly, that is their choice. They are freely therein. Of course I hope that they don’t leave, but it can happen. In the past we have seen more big names depart.”

Todt remains that something must change to the current system.

“We want to reduce costs, because it is much healthier. A lot of teams in trouble at the moment. Six or seven teams have trouble in the Formula 1. It is not acceptable to the best branch of motorsport to organize in which seventy percent of the teams are struggling to survive,” concluded Todt.

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